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The iPod Touch was first launched in 2007 (I can’t believe it was that long ago) and the most current 4th Generation model was released in 2010. First and foremost the iPod Touch is a music player and a good looking one at that but what differentiates the Touch from other models is that it also acts as a wireless device which can access the iTunes library and App Store directly and users can download new music and add apps to the device. It’s similar to the iPhone with a touch-screen interface but lacks the functionality of the phone and access to the phone networks.

This functionality has transformed the iPod Touch into not only a MP3 player but a handheld console that can be used for gaming and via the apps which can be downloaded access to social media websites, news feeds and the whole range of options available in the Apple app store.

The functionality of the iPod Touch is developed through downloading apps, and there are a staggering number of apps available through the App Store. They are not just produced by Apple, but thanks the iOS Software Development Kit, that has been developed and released by Apple, individuals and companies can put their iOS development skills to use and produce apps which are available for free or at a charge to fulfil a range of service and entertainment needs. The popularity of apps and app development has been meteoric, seen in both the number of apps downloaded and the quality of the applications being developed (and the brands that are having them developed!). Don’t worry the Angry Birds game is available to download for the iPod Touch alongside a huge range of other games. Currently the top 5 game apps for the Touch are “The Heist”, “Where’s My Perry?”, “SongPop Free”, “Riptide GP” and “Extreme Fishing 2”. If you can think of it there’s probably an app for it (or at least in development) and the iPod Touch does give you access to this wonderful library and what in my opinion does place it above other music players and closer to the tablet computers such as the iPad.

I currently use an iPod Classic as I have always wanted to use it exclusively for music but I am tempted by the Touch; the ability to access the iTunes store directly via a wireless connection would really make buying new music super easy (perhaps too easy) and allow me to pick up tracks and albums as I hear them and love them! I probably won’t be changing from the Classic yet though as I love the 160GB capacity of the iPod Classic (something which the iPod Touch comes nowhere near matching) and this has always been the main deciding factor – I have filled my Classic! However, if Apple were to produce a Touch with a much larger capacity then they could have a new convert.

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