iPod Nano Watch Straps

The iPod Nano might not be the flagship music player of the Apple range, but I think this is one of their best designs. A quality MP3 player has been created which has a sleek and stylish design, and a brilliant multi-touch screen.

This iPod is perfect for those on the move and is ideal for the gym, and with up to 16GB of storage on the larger capacity model there is room for plenty of songs to get you through a workout or run! The iPod Nano has a built-in accelerometer; this cool function allows you to monitor your workout and measure the distance that you have ran or walked.

If your music library has nothing that captures your mood then there is also a built-in FM radio which will let you search the airwaves for the perfect song, chat or news.

One product that stood out for the iPod Nano for me is the fantastic LunaTik watch straps. These straps were the brainchild of Scott Wilson, who was able to take his idea from conception to production thanks to raising nearly $1million via the Kickstarter website. These watch straps provide a great way to transport your Nano (no more sticking it in your back pocket) and utilises the watch setting of the iPod.

Scott Wilson’s LunaTik and TikTok watchbands have definitely added a spring back into the step of the Nano and in my opinion boosted it into a must have Apple product. Their watch straps combine simplicity with an attention to detail, which has resulted in a set of watchbands that will make even your most stylish of friends jealous.

Some screw assembly is required for the LunaTik watchbands (really not that much), whereas the TikTok band has a clip-in function. The clip-in function of the TikTok watch straps definitely adds extra appeal for me, making it ideal for those who don’t want to always wear the iPod Nano as a watch but use it for a specific purpose such as trips to the gym. The TikTok watch strap also has a lower retail price, making it a very appealing option (as you still need to buy the Nano).

The iPod Nano has a range of watch faces which means that whatever your style there is sure to be a cool watch face that’ll look great with your outfit. The LunaTik watch strap for iPod Nano will also add bags of extra style to your outfit; these watchbands are not only functional but they look great. If you don’t want the quality design of your Nano compromised by a second-rate watch strap then you need to check out the LunaTik range – great selection of designs, such as the TikTok watchband, and a range of colours including pink, yellow, blue and white watchbands.

These are great products, a fact vindicated by it’s Kickstarter success, they make use of the great functions of the iPod Nano and do not compromise the always excellent Apple design. Personally, I would choose the TikTok but that’s because I’d most likely use it at the gym and not as a permanent watchband.

Lunatik iPod Nano Strap


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