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Angry BirdsNobody can question the massive success of the Angry Birds franchise and in my opinion this game demonstrated the awesome potential of app-based gaming. Angry Birds showed that a simple concept when designed specifically for a smartphone (and later tablet device) could be just as successful as the traditional console based games.

My first exposure to the game came via the iPhone version; friends sat around watching each other catapult an angry looking bird (definitely not designed for solo flight) at a crumbling structure that was populated by pigs!! No I am not talking nonsense, this is Angry Birds and if you have not tried it yet I recommend seeking it out.

Angry Birds launched on the iOS operating system but versions are now released for Android-based devices, PCs, Macs and a version for Windows Phones is in the pipeline.

Angry Birds has proven to be massively addictive as users fire an angry bird at egg-stealing green pigs via a slingshot. The latest release is Angry Birds Space, which was released at the end of March 2012 and within three days had been downloaded 10 million times (VentureBeat, March 2012) – not bad going at all!!

As expected from the name, Angry Bird Space is indeed set in outer space! The game features 60 new levels, new birds and the challenges of varying gravity; your slingshot aim will need to be better than ever. The quote from the Rovio website brilliantly sums up the gameplay:

“After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs!”

Such a brilliant premise for the game and one which continues Rovio’s march towards not only app-based gaming supremacy but gaming supremacy! A bold claim but the team behind Angry Birds have managed to create a game that attracts so many demographics, kept the gameplay simple but challenging enough so that you do not get bored. There’s no way the game could have reached a fourth series if it was too easy and didn’t provide gaming challenges.

With such massive success a range of merchandise was inevitable and the Rovio team have jumped at the chance to spreading the “angry” word with plush toys and a range of clothing that includes hoodies, flip flops and a selection of Angry Birds t-shirts.

They’ve also remembered their iOS roots and there is a great range of iPad, iPhone and iPod cases available featuring a range of designs. So don’t just play the game on your Apple device but add some Angry Birds protection!

Apple have been promoting the Retina Display feature of the new iPad what they seem to have forgot in their promotional material is how awesome Angry Birds is going to look when playing it on the new iPad. Perhaps not what the Retina Display was developed for but certainly an added bonus for us “green pig destroyers”.

Out-of-this-world planets, the challenge of gravity, a giant claw, space pigs, bonus levels, free updates and a group of birds with serious anger management issues – this game has it all!! Long live the Angry Birds and let’s hope they don’t get their eggs back too soon!

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