HOT! Oxygen O-Car Car Stereo finally arrives in the UK!

The Oxygen “O-Car” Car Stereo was awarded with numberous awards at CES 2011 and is regarded as the hottest product to hit shops for quite some time. Its fans have been counting down its release date for what seems like an eternity (although it has only actually been around 3 months, we first spotted it at Engadget back in December). Time always seems to go so slow with any revolutionary product or technology release, the “O-Car” being no exception.

We have heard news that Oxygen has put together a very selective list of official resellers of the O-Car product based on the retailers reputations and the services that they can offer the end-user. We have spotted the Oxygen O-Car for sale on iPod Car Kit Direct at a very respectable £249.97. When we called iPod Car Kit Direct to discuss we were told that their stock is due to land with them literally any day now and they hope to ship their first set of orders out by Friday at the latest. We were rather cheeky and asked if we could have one to review, in fairness to the guys at iPod Car Kit Direct, they did say that we could borrow one if there were any spares.

We are really excited about the prospects of this product and think it will be huge for the iPhone integration market around Europe. We will continue to try and find a tester model to have a play with and bring you our very own review and video soon.

Matt Janaway

My interest in technology never slows. It's like a raging fire which needs gadgets to feed on! I love my job, it's my life! I could never be happy pencil pushing or crunching numbers, I have everything I could want in a job here at iPod Technology & love sharing my opinion with our readers! My memories of a young teenager all the way through to adulthood were nearly all based on gadgets! Sit me in a room with these guys who have memories of going out drinking and partying and I will have literally nothing to talk about. Sit me in a room with some techno-geeks and I could happily natter for hours about anything tech. I hope to pass on my wisdom to iPod Technology readers.
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