Speck “Fitted” iPhone 4 Protective Case


Speck believe that design is about making things better, their interpretation of “better” includes building functionality and personality (an interesting twist) into everything they do. Products don’t need to be boring. Boring products make life boring. That’s not what they do. What they do is create good quality cases (for all sorts of devices) that always have a touch of flair and uniqueness and more fun to own and use. Essentially, they believe that the cases that keep delicate stuff protected can be just as stylish as they are protective!

Manufacturer: Speck

Product RRP Price: £29.99

Cheapest UK Retailer: ClickShop, £17.95


It feels really good, this case does. And it looks good, too. Sleek, stylish, a hint of sophistication and smarts; this hard-shell case with matte soft-touch coating becomes even more impressive if you match the fabric-backed panel to your outfit, scarf, or tie.


  • Original fabric-wrapped patterns give your iPhone 4 a fabulous tailored look
  • Form-fit two-piece hard shell case design protects from scratches and scuffs
  • Access to all buttons, controls, sensors and connections

Build Quality:

What a fantastically finished product. The rubberised finish across the side does not only have a great feel to it but also looks great. The back of the case has a fabric insert which again, feels fantastic and looks the part. All the holes are cut out perfectly, including the camera hole which doesn’t block out any light and doesn’t effect the quality of photos and videos.


Due to the cases sturdiness it can be a little hard to remove but this helps show how well it is built. Buttons are very easy to use and the dock port is open and available while still providing support and protection.


There are 8 clips inside which hold two parts of the case together. It takes around 15 seconds to fit and is very flush once complete.

Value for Money:

Not too dis-similar to other case prices and you certainly get a premium product for your money. Bang on.


  • Great looking and great feeling.
  • Strong and tough.
  • gives the screens lip protection like very few other cases available on the market.


  • Slightly hard to remove.

Matt Janaway

My interest in technology never slows. It's like a raging fire which needs gadgets to feed on! I love my job, it's my life! I could never be happy pencil pushing or crunching numbers, I have everything I could want in a job here at iPod Technology & love sharing my opinion with our readers! My memories of a young teenager all the way through to adulthood were nearly all based on gadgets! Sit me in a room with these guys who have memories of going out drinking and partying and I will have literally nothing to talk about. Sit me in a room with some techno-geeks and I could happily natter for hours about anything tech. I hope to pass on my wisdom to iPod Technology readers.

Our Rating

Value for Money: 2 out of 2

Build Quality: 2 out of 2

Functionality: 2 out of 2

Ease of Use: 2 out of 2

Desirability: 2 out of 2

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10

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