RAM Mount Apple iPhone 4 Cradle with 6″ Flexible Arm Suction Mount

Ram Mount iPhone 4 Cradle

RAM Mount were relatively new to us until we found a few glowing reviews from forum members knocking around the internet so we thought we would spend some time checking some of their products out. The first in the line is the new iPhone 4 cradle paired with a window suction mount which has a 6″ flexible arm.

Manufacturer: RAM Mount

Product RRP Price: Cradle – £8.95, Mount – £19.95

Cheapest UK Retailer: RAM Mount, £28.90


This product seemed like cracking value for money on first impressions, £28.90 for a mount AND a cradle in comparison to a Brodit iPhone 4 Cradle at £55 plus £20 for a mount and you have a bloody good value for money solution! We don’t usually like to use window suction mounts but this one looked like a really nice solution.


  • 6″ Flexible arm which allows the cradle position to be adjustable
  • INCREDIBLY strong suction pad
  • Fits the iPhone 4 of all HDD sizes

Build Quality:

The suction pad and the 6″ arm are built incredibly well! They are very strong, very rigid and very well built generally. The actual cradle feels a little cheaper and had a bit of a rough edge where it had been taken from its mould and not finished perfectly. In addition to this, the bolts which hold the cradle to the mount are about half a mm too long and stick out of the back of the cradle – this doesn’t however protrude anywhere near enough to worry about scratching the back of the iPhone. The above are by no means very bad points but do show that the quality of the cradle is not quite perfect.


It does exactly what it says on the tin and does it well! The mount allows for a very rigid and strong hold. The iPhone sits in almost position nicely due to the flexible arm (which is still very strong and firm so once you have put the cradle in your desired position, it doesn’t move an iota!


The solution was a pleasure to install. It was so simple it could have been completed by a child! The kit comes with all the bolts needed and the male “diamond base” of the flexible arm fits onto the female “diamond base” of the cradle. Once these are paired together the suction pad should be set to the “open” position then pushed into the desired position on the window. The clip on the suction pad should then be pushed to “closed” and your mounting solution is installed. Simple.

Value for Money:

When directly comparing this solution to the likes of a Brodit solution the value really does seem fantastic. As suggested earlier, the quality is not close to the quality of the Brodit cradles but it does cost less than half of the price of the Brodit.


  • Very rigid Flexible Arm.
  • Incredibly strong suction mount.
  • Great VFM in comparison to competition products.
  • The Cradle allows for all possible plugs and ports on the iPhone to be used when the iPhone is slotted in. Heck, even the camera still works!


  • Quality of the cradle is slightly below average, certainly not poor however, especially when you consider its retail price is as low as £8.95.

Matt Janaway

My interest in technology never slows. It's like a raging fire which needs gadgets to feed on! I love my job, it's my life! I could never be happy pencil pushing or crunching numbers, I have everything I could want in a job here at iPod Technology & love sharing my opinion with our readers! My memories of a young teenager all the way through to adulthood were nearly all based on gadgets! Sit me in a room with these guys who have memories of going out drinking and partying and I will have literally nothing to talk about. Sit me in a room with some techno-geeks and I could happily natter for hours about anything tech. I hope to pass on my wisdom to iPod Technology readers.

Our Rating

Value for Money: 2 out of 2

Build Quality: 1 out of 2

Functionality: 1 out of 2

Ease of Use: 2 out of 2

Desirability: 1 out of 2

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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