Gear4 “Thin Ice Clear” iPhone 4 Protective Case

Thin Ice - Gear4

Gear4 are one of the market leaders in iPod and iPhone accessories, so much so that every Apple store holds stock on a good selection of their products. Hopefully our views in this review aren’t bias due to Gear4 being a UK based company… But it is rather nice to see one doing so well globally!

Manufacturer: Gear4

Product RRP Price: £19.95

Cheapest UK Retailer: HandTec, £9.39


Quite a sleek looking case which is very thin. It covers the entire back and sides of the iPhone but misses the screen front and the screen sides/lip. The concept behind it works well because it doesn’t increase the size of the iPhone 4 noticeably and due to it being very clear, makes the iPhone look as if it wasn’t even fitted.


  • Only 12 Grams in weight.
  • Ultra Slim.
  • Clip on and off design.

Build Quality:

Generally, this case feels quite well built in the hand. Its strong and thin at the same time. The edges are finished very smoothly with no sharp bits. The cut-out for the camera and flash on the rear is perfectly placed so the picture quality and flash aren’t affected by having the case fitted. After a few weeks of use we did notice that there were quite a few scratch marks on the case. This certainly shows that it is doing its job but it would be slightly better if it was a little more resistant itself.


Very easy to use. Its a case after-all! It protects very well apart from the lack of coverage on the iPhone screen or screen lip.


As you would expect, installation is a doddle. All you do is slide the iPhone’s left side into the case (the side with the volume buttons) and push the right hand down until it clips.

Value for Money:

At the full £20 price tag, its a tiny bit steep. If you take into consideration that there are online resellers shifting these out at a little under £10 then we are happy to give it a full 2 stars in the VFM category.


  • Protects the iPhone’s sides and back with a sleek looking finish.
  • Strong and rigid.
  • Good VFM if purchasing online.


  • Doesn’t quite cover the lip of the screen.
  • The case scratches fairly easily so looks tatty after a few weeks – however this shows that its doing its job!

Matt Janaway

My interest in technology never slows. It's like a raging fire which needs gadgets to feed on! I love my job, it's my life! I could never be happy pencil pushing or crunching numbers, I have everything I could want in a job here at iPod Technology & love sharing my opinion with our readers! My memories of a young teenager all the way through to adulthood were nearly all based on gadgets! Sit me in a room with these guys who have memories of going out drinking and partying and I will have literally nothing to talk about. Sit me in a room with some techno-geeks and I could happily natter for hours about anything tech. I hope to pass on my wisdom to iPod Technology readers.

Our Rating

Value for Money: 2 out of 2

Build Quality: 1 out of 2

Functionality: 1 out of 2

Ease of Use: 2 out of 2

Desirability: 1 out of 2

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

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