Angry Birds Application for iPhone Review


Rovio Mobile Ltd of Finland have shot to stardom after releasing arguably the best game ever to be released into Apples App Store. Angry Birds is officially the most downloaded Application of all time for the iPhone & continues to go from strength to strength with regular updates which include new levels and weapons (or Angry Birds).

Developer: Rovio Mobile Ltd

Application Price: £0.59p


Deservedly has the reputation of being the best game available for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. With over 4 million downloads in the UK alone this shows you how popular this application really is. Considering there are around 5.5 million UK iPhone’s owners this makes the statistics look even more sensational. The story behind the game is based on pigs stealing eggs from birds – inevitably winding the birds up and making them “angry”. The object of the game is to catapult your birds into objects acting as a fortress protecting the pigs and then subsequently killing the pigs. To make the game a little more spicy the developers have created birds with different characteristics and weapons. Amongst others, there are birds which explode, birds which have bursts of speed and birds which split into three, spreading out the damage. There are currently 5 chapters and around 30 levels in each chapter so the game really is epic!


  • Retina Display
  • Game Centre
  • Unique Achievements to unlock


The game always looked pretty good but the latest updates have added support for the iPhone 4 retina display, making it look even better!


Addictive. Epic. Frustrating. This game ticks all the boxes that you could want in a game on any platform. Its challenging, yet rewarding. It doesn’t suffer from being too easy or hard and is varied enough for you not to get bored.

Value for Money:

59p doesn’t really get you much nowadays. A single music track costs around 79p and this game is quite literally hours of fun. Definitely 2 stars out of 2 in the VFM department!

Matt Janaway

My interest in technology never slows. It's like a raging fire which needs gadgets to feed on! I love my job, it's my life! I could never be happy pencil pushing or crunching numbers, I have everything I could want in a job here at iPod Technology & love sharing my opinion with our readers! My memories of a young teenager all the way through to adulthood were nearly all based on gadgets! Sit me in a room with these guys who have memories of going out drinking and partying and I will have literally nothing to talk about. Sit me in a room with some techno-geeks and I could happily natter for hours about anything tech. I hope to pass on my wisdom to iPod Technology readers.

Our Rating

Value for Money: 2 out of 2

Build Quality: 2 out of 2

Functionality: 2 out of 2

Ease of Use: 2 out of 2

Desirability: 2 out of 2

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10

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